Beth Hanson.

My name is Beth. I created Green Ambition and continue to write for this blog regularly. I’m a biology student and write for fun and to gain science communication experience for my future career. I’m passionate about solutions to global warming and creating a safe and fair world.

Articles in Other Publications

Could coronavirus lead to a world food crisis?
PH7 Science Blog (Jul 10th 2020)
Take a plastic-free pledge this July
The Student Lens (Jun 30th 2020)
A lifesaving breakthrough for treating coronavirus patients
The Student Lens (Jun 25th 2020)
The impact of Fair trade
Forge Press (Issue #143)
Where to Shop to Avoid Fast Fashion
Forge Press (Mar 4th 2020)
The Bandwagon Effect
Forge Press (Issue #142)
Global science team on red alert as Arctic land grows greener
Forge Press (Feb 12th 2020)
Review: Untitled Goose Game
Forge Press (Oct 11th 2019)
The climate change and deforestation interaction threatens tropical species
Forge Press (Oct 10th 2019)

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